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About us

Obedience & Beyond believes that a happy and healthy dog stems solely from their owner. A dog that is given the chance to understand their surroundings and to learn proper behavior will truly succeed. Behavior training along with obedience training will guide any dog to becoming the perfect companion. Our goal is to offer each dog the ability to learn and understand what is expected of them. Through the power of operant conditioning each dog will become their best self. 

Yvette Gramignano

Owner and Trainer

Yvette Gramignano grew up in northern New Jersey. She always had a love of animals and always had a dog in her household. She furthered her passion by graduating from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelors in Animal Science. During her time at Penn State she took on the role of training service dogs through Susquehanna Service Dogs. After graduation she started her career of working with exotics and training dogs.

Yvette strives to help all owners and their dogs reach a level of understanding and proper communication. A dog should not be a burden to live with but a member of the family you could not live without. Yvette not only trains dogs on how to become calm, cool and collected, but she works with owners on how to properly relate with their dog. Yvette recognizes how a dog should behave inside a home and works to accomplish these expectations. Each training session will bring about a new challenge where she will introduce distractions in order to create a program that is reliable in all situations.


  • Degree in Animal Science

  • Raiser since 2015-2017 for Susquehanna Service Dogs

  • PetSmart dog trainer October 2017- April 2019

  • Attended Solid K9 Training with Jeff Gellman 2 day dog training seminar April 24-25 2021

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