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Training Programs 

Below are various training programs to enroll your dog in. Please read each aspect of the program and carefully evaluate the concerns you have for your dog. Contact us to set up your dog's first training session!

The Well-Rounded Dog

This program is for dogs of all ages. It is never too early to begin training your dog and it is never too late! During this 5 week program we will work on very basic commands but these will be the foundation for a well-mannered adult dog. 

Cues your pup will learn:

  • Their name/Focus

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Touch

  • Stay

  • Place/Tethering

  • Come (fenced-in area)

  • Retrievals (drop)

  • Proper leash manors 

  • Leave it

  • Proper crate behavior 

  • Self-control (waiting for food, waiting at thresholds)

During this stage of a dog's life it is important to be consistent with their training. Owners will learn alongside their dog. It is critical that training is done everyday but in short durations. Puppies are very impressionable and easily molded. Through consistent practice your dogs with learn all these behaviors along with self-control and basic house manners. All training will start with the gear your dog currently uses, but if a change in necessary new gear will be provided.

E-Collar At Home

Do you want to challenge your dog? Have you taught them everything but looking for more? Do you have a behaviorally difficult dog? Do you struggle with gaining control? The E-Collar is a great tool to get your dog not only off leash but also give them a better understanding of the behaviors they already know but to gain full control of your dog. We use a positive reinforcement method which includes rewards based on your dog's interests. This is a 4 week program where your dog will learn all basic behaviors and eliminate any inappropriate behaviors. 

*This program is for dogs over 5 months of age or older

Your dog will learn:

  • Self-control

  • Confidence

  • Higher level of basic behaviors

  • How to listen both on and off leash

  • Basic commands and proofing them

We use the ET-300 Mini Educator made by E-Collar Technologies. This is a stimulation collar. We will use the lowest level your dog will work on. This remote goes from 1-100.  We teach you how to use it and how it feels. Every behavior your dog knows or that we will teach them will be conditioned to the E-collar.

Pesky Behaviors

Do you believe your dog is perfect? Is your dog calm, listens when you ask them to do tricks or come when they are out in the yard, and loves to go on walks? BUT, there is that one thing your dog does that drives you bonkers! Maybe he tries to get on the counter every time you are in the kitchen cooking. Maybe when a car or person goes past the window he barks and lunges at the window. Maybe they have a certain fear and they make a mess of your house. If your dog has just one little problem you wish to fix, this is the program for you. This is a 4 hour (once a week) program to target one specific behavior you wish to fix. *Depending on the behavior the E-collar may be required*

Your dog will learn:

  • Self-control

  • Confidence

  • Personal space (place)

  • How to work through their personal problem

Any dog has the capability to work through their fears or discomforts. They have the ability to learn and be molded into the perfect partner. No pesky behavior is too challenging to fix. Some cases may take longer to work through than others, but in the end we will help your dog together. The underlying reason for a dog's outburst is their self-confidence. With that, anything can be accomplished. If you have a dog with a little quirk you wish to fix, this program can help.


All training sessions are for 1 hour. A dog's attention span does not always last for very long. We will meet once a week. All programs come with complementary training equipment. 

The Well-Rounded Dog: $500 (You will pay for the 5 weeks up front and schedule your training days weekly)

Dog of all ages! Puppies minimum of 8 weeks old are welcome! This program will have a 1 hour duration once a week. This program will be conducted in the comfort of your home.

E-Collar At Home: $700 (the E-Collar is included)

This program will have a 1 hour duration for 4 weeks. Each week gets a little harder with our e-collar skills.  Taking the Well Rounded Dog program first is preferred. 

Pesky Behaviors: $400-$550

This program will have an 1 hour duration. If your dog is in need of breaks during the session we will adjust our time frame accordingly. The higher price accounts for an E-collar if necessary.

***Boarding available upon request after completing one of the above programs***

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