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When we first rescued Moose from the shelter he was extremely anxious, which contributed to his disobedience. He would taunt us by snatching socks, cash, anything that would gravitate our attention towards him. Then when we tried to retrieve it, he would growl and sometimes even snap at our fingers. Once Yvette began working with him, we instantly saw a change in his behavior. She starts out with a constellation of your dog; addressing exactly the kind of training your dog needs and then mapping out a game plan that she will continue to use to guide her training sessions. This was ideal for Moose, since we have never rescued a dog before and thus were not quite sure what kind of rehabilitation he needed. 

Our family has always had a dog running around our home and over the years we have met the same types of dog loving families. At events and get togethers, there is at least always one dog running around at all times. However, we soon began to learn that Moose most likely did not have the best relationship with other dogs in his first year of life; causing him to be squeamish of other K-9s. We thought Moose would never be ready to be in the same room as a dog ever again, but, with the help of Yvette, that has changed. When Yvette felt that Moose was ready, she started bringing her own dog over for training sessions in order to ease Moose back into other dogs. Now Moose and Koda go on walks around our neighborhood together; something that, a year ago, was out of the picture. 

We’ve had other dogs in the past, and we’ve had other trainers. But no one has ever put the personal, one-on-one effort in other than Yvette. She is clearly passionate about what she does and will love your dog as much as you do. I recomend her to any one who is on the hunt for a dog trainer: whether their pet is a resuce, a puppy, or anything in between.  


Yvette was a tremendous help with our new addition, Angie! She used positive reinforcement and was instrumental in many new puppy initiatives such as leash walking, leave it and stay. She not only taught Angie but taught us the do's and don'ts of puppy training!




Yvette has been a huge help with our dog Oona. She has come so far in her training. Highly recommended!



Yvette's dog training skills, knowledge, personality and love for animals is a win-win for any dog and their owner! las year, we rescued a very cute, small and fluffy dog, but he was also a very challenging dog. we realized quickly we needed help, so Yvette to the rescue! Working together with Yvette for many months was life-changing for our dog and us as she focused our meetings on socializing our dog, teaching/understanding boundaries, re-directing anxiety and much more. what Yvette helped us to understand is training is not just "dog" training it's equally "owner" training too. It a forever process! getting in sync together, using eye contact, voice and hand signals has been a key ingredient in our dog's training. Thank you Yvette for helping up with Louie. He's a well adjusted proud member of our family! we are immensely grateful to you!

Beau and Dixie

Beau & Dixie deck.jpg

I was very fortunate to come across Yvette's car when I was looking for a trainer. I had just rescued two labradoodles from Alabama. They are little mates. They were only 8 months old and I knew that I would need help with them. When Yvette showed up the first time to meet them they absolutely loved her. Each week she came they learned something new and enjoyed working with her. Yvette definitely helped these two pups adapt to their new home. 


Foley's puppy training was great. He was very responsive to Yvette and the methodology of the training program. He quickly grasped basic commands. We enjoyed working with Yvette. She taught us how to work with the puppy and left us with a guide and the tools for ongoing training at home with Foley.


We adopted our dog , Mack, from a shelter. He was very anxious and out of control when we got him. Yvette was able to quickly assess him and provided more accurate information on his age and health status. she was very firm, positive and loving in the sessions. she worked with our whole family to get Mack trained. She was able to assess his needs and tailor her training to what he needed most. she helped up with jumping, biting and other anxious behaviors. she is extremely knowledgeable and very educated in dog behaviors. Mack is more enjoyable and definitely more comfortable in out home today. 



Yvette from Obedience and Beyond is all you will ever need to have the most obedient and happy 4 legged friend imaginable. Her skills, techniques and knowledge about dogs is truly 2nd to none. We have had our American Bully pup under the tutelage of Yvette at Obedience and Beyond since he was a little pup. We have been with Yvette since beginner puppy training through today at 1 year old. We could not be happier with the progress from a little pup to the most well behaved dog whether at the park, out and about or just at home with the family. From behavioral techniques to diet to treats and toys etc. Yvette will always have the best interest of you and your pooch at heart. From the very first meeting you will see the love and compassion she has for your dog no matter the breed or size of your pup or dog. She is truly a master trainer and you will be very pleased with the progress and the results you will receive from her training services. Not to mention the excitement your precious canine will have upon every visit with Yvette. Her cost for services are very reasonable and rest assured you will get more than your money’s worth and your dog will have a lifetime friend. Many dogs and clients will forever stay friendly and in touch with Yvette and it’s amazing to see the love and affection these dogs have at all stages of training and also long after if it’s just for a visit. We love our Yvette. She’s the best!



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