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About Obedience & Beyond

Obedience & Beyond believes that a happy and healthy dog stems solely from their owner. A dog that is given the chance to understand their surroundings and to learn proper behavior will truly succeed. Behavior training along with obedience training will guide any dog to becoming the perfect companion. Our goal is to offer each dog the ability to learn and understand what is expected of them. Through the power of operant conditioning each dog will become their best self. 

Training Programs

Does your dog lunge to the end of his leash? Do you find it embarrassing to be out in public with your dog? Is he constantly under your feet or always jumping on you? Does our dog drive you crazy with his uncontrollable behavior in the home? Does your dog not come when called? Your solution has finally arrived with personal one-on-one training to bring your dog into the proper state of mind and transform them into the well-behaved dog they truly are. 

Obedience & Beyond is located in Ocean County, NJ, specifically Manahawkin NJ, 08050


We are:

  • New to this area... Please bare with us as we locate popular surrounding towns and provide you with accurate travel times



There is no limit to how far away you live. If we need to travel over half an hour then that will be reflected in our fee. We will meet owners at their house, at a local park, or our main location.

How close are you to us?

Dog apparel

Obedience and Beyond sells hand made leashes and bandanas. The leashes are made out of paracord. each one has a ring for a poop bag holder. They are various lengths and have a clip for either a small or large dog. The bandanas come in various patterns for all seasons. They slip on the collar, so there are various sizes for the various collar thicknesses. 

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